Coffee ~ starting at 8:30 am

Welcome ~ 9:00 am
with opening remarks by Geri Malandra

Knowledge, Spectacle, Pedagogy ~ 9:15 am
Chair: Tamara Sears

Sugata Ray | Shangri La: The Archive-Museum and the Spatial Topologies of Islamic Art History

Radha Dalal | Placing the Spectator on the Scene of Conquest: Istanbul’s Panorama 1453 History Museum

Aditi Chandra | Absence of the “Un-Exchangeable” Monument: Cinema and National Identity in a Time of Partition

Deepali Dewan | Useful and Dangerous: Photography and the Madras School of Art, 1850–1873

Coffee ~ 11:00 am

Shifting Objects, Geographies, Histories ~ 11:15 am
Chair: Risha Lee

Jennifer Roberson | From Dictatorship to Democracy: Cordoba’s Islamic Monuments in the Twentieth Century

Sinem A. Casale | Assertive Gifts: Art and Diplomacy in the Age of the Ottoman–Safavid Conflict

Marsha G. Olson | Mary on the Moon: Ivory Statuettes of the Virgin Mary from Goa and Sri Lanka

Rebecca M. Brown | Temporal Transformations: Terracotta, Textile, Trash

Lunch (provided to participants and attendees) ~ 1:00 pm

Materiality, Experience, & Collaboration ~ 2:00 pm
Chair: D. Fairchild Ruggles

Atreyee Gupta | The Global, The Local, The Contemporary, The Collaborative: Ghari/Ghar Pe/At Home, Dharavi, Mumbai, 2012

Nina Ergin | “And in the Soup Kitchen Food Shall Be Cooked Twice Every Day”: Gustatory Aspects of Ottoman Mosque Complexes

Riyaz Latif | Archiving Knowledge in Consecrated Earth: The Madrasa in the Marinid Chella

Venugopal Maddipati | Water in the Expanded Field: Art, Thought and Immersibility in the Yamuna River: 2005–2010

Coffee ~ 3:45 pm

Patronage & Politics ~ 4:00 pm
Chair: Molly Aitken
Jennifer Joffee | A Mandir for the Masses or Apparatus of Imperial Authority? The Amba Mata Temple in Udaipur

Hawon Ku | Architecture of Enlightenment: The Colonial Colleges and Universities of Northern India

Alisa Eimen | Form and Symbol: Mosque Architecture in Germany since 2000

Deborah Hutton | A Thoroughly Modern Major: Photography, Identity, and Politics at the Court of Hyderabad

Concluding Remarks ~ 5:45 pm
Janice Leoshko

Celebratory Dinner ~ to follow